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About Us

As parents, we wanted to create eco-friendly, reusable baby and feminine hygiene products that actually work and don’t destroy the planet. We believe that what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body.


Through years of research and development, our cloth products have evolved to be eco-friendly, safe, gentle, and highly effective. So you can stop worrying about leaks and enjoy the good times with your family.

sophia the founder of tickle tots hand painting ideas for print designs

Our Story

Tickle Tots was born from a kitchen table in Shropshire by mum of two, Sophia.


The environment is at the heart of Tickle Tots, from the products themselves to the materials used, packaging and supply chain.


The unique registered designs stemmed from the mind of the creative, eco-conscious Mum looking for a solution that would tick all the boxes; better for the environment, better for baby, reliable, easy to use and beautiful.


All the prints start life as hand drawn illustrations inspired by her children and rural surroundings.

baby wearing a cloth nappy

Our Ethos


Our products are made by parents for parents, inspired by nature and created for adventure!


Here at Tickle Tots we take a strong view on ethical standards. We are committed to provide a quality product that represents our eco-friendly view point and belief that everyone is entitled to a fair wage, safe working conditions and reasonable working hours.


We are committed to provide quality products that represent our eco-friendly view point.


We aim to educate parents, reduce plastic pollution and fight climate change with our eco-friendly, sustainable products.

green safari print nappy flatlay

Our Nappies

Tickle Tots Nappies are designed in the UK by mum of two, Sophia.

Our nappies are manufactured in China. We work with a small family run factory that is inline with our ethics policy.


Setting up manufacturing of our products in the UK would be an extremely costly job, which for a small business like us is just not viable.

All fabrics and materials we use in our nappies is only made in China, and is made locally to the factory we use. In terms of carbon footprint, having our nappies made and then shipped over to us is much more planet friendly than setting up manufacturing in the UK then having all materials shipped to us.

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