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How Many Nappies Will I Need?

This will depend on how old your baby is when you want to start using cloth nappies, and how often you are expecting to wash your nappies.

It can start with just one cloth nappy used whenever it suits into your lifestyle.

Using 1 cloth nappy a week can stop over 150 disposables entering landfill!


The following is a handy guide to what you will need:


To use Part Time

We recommend 5 cloth nappies with an additional booster set.

This will allow for a full days worth of cloth nappies along with one night and is a great way to start.


We would also recommend having 1 wet bag for storing the dirty nappies inside before being washed.

To use Full Time


If you would like to to use cloth nappies we would recommend approx. 15 - 20 nappies.

With Tickle Tots nappies this could be 15 complete nappies (which includes the waterproof shell with the snap in boosters) and then an additional 5 - 10 boosters. A great feature of our nappies is that the shell can be wiped clean and used a second time with a clean set of snap in boosters!

We would also suggest a couple of wet bags for storing those dirty nappies in prior to washing. They are the perfect size for attaching to the pram or storing in the bottom of a changing bag when out and about.

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