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Bring on 2016!

This year has been one full of adventure and excitement. It has been a year of hard work, laughter and, most of all, the making of incredible memories!

This year began with a busy family of 3 awaiting the arrival of its newest member! Our beautiful daughter Evelyn was keeping us busy and very excited to meet the new baby.

Finlay arrived 9 days late on the 12th of March and took the family by storm! He was instantly adored by all and is the cheekiest chap. As soon as he started crawling at just 6 months, he has spent the rest of the year terrorising his big sister, trying to keep up!

Having 2 gorgeous munckins to run around after certainly made life more interesting but we felt truly inspired and decided it was the right year to launch Tickle Tots, our brand of reusable nappies, so in September it became available on the market!

Tickle Tots has been 2 years in the making with initial inspiration coming from the struggle to find a cloth nappy system that worked for Evelyn (and also easy enough for Dad to use!!).

Since then we have been testing and refining the design until we were happy to show it off to the world!

We have been overwhelmed by the response we have had to our nappy and we hope it will be the answer for many cloth bumming parents and carers!

Above all we wanted to create a quality, ethical nappy with a unique design with a touch of fun!

2016 has got so many exciting plans already on place and here are just a few:

  • We will be launching our newest print from the range 'The Adventures of Little Fox', each print of nappy in this range will be accompanied with a story for you and your little one to follow!

  • We are hoping to attend the baby show in May to meet some new lovely expectant and current Mummy's, Daddy's and Carer's and spread our love of cloth (with a few sneaky offers exclusinve to the show too, of course!)

  • We are launching our unique wetbag that has a feature we hope you will LOVE!

  • We will be planting native UK trees in various locations across the UK with a chance for you to choose where!

  • And above all we will be spreading the word of Tickle Tots and hoping to welcome many more of you to the Tickle Tots family and share this new adventure with us........



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