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Tickle Tots AIO Review

Having given the new Tickle Tots All-in-One nappy a thorough testing... inside, outside, at home, and on the move, we’ve come to the conclusion that we LOVE IT!

Most of the time... an honest review is far more useful to anyone, so we’ve thrown in the negatives too.

First up... the print, because looks come first sometimes! Stunning to say the least, who wouldn’t want a mermaid bum! I love that the colours actually give the impression of the nappy being shiny!

Putting on... the AIO is as easy or even easier to put on than the Tickle 2s, there are no flappy inserts to popper in place while wrestling a wriggly babe.

Wearing... No complaints from my little one! Perfect fit with the adjustable poppers and flexible Velcro fastening. The sewn in absorbent bamboo core stays perfectly in place. There’s also the option to add additional boosters in the pocket if needed.

Taking off... easy peasy! Less bits to keep track of and no ‘prep’ needed for the clean one. Very minor changing downside... if the nappy is only a little damp you can’t just change the liner.

Washing... Again, easy... no separating, just pop it all in in one go. If I’m being particularly picky, a slight negative, if it needs rinsing you need to rinse the whole nappy which is bulkier.

Drying... Overall, the only real negative is the drying, it does take longer to dry than the Tickle 2, but the pocket does allow for the nappy to be turned inside out to speed up drying.

Our verdict... super convenient, always ready to, ideal for travelling, having as a spare in your bag, leaving for husband-who-usually-gets-in-a-tangle to use or for starting out with cloth. I love that there’s no faffing, finding the right inserts etc.

Personally, I also love the flexibility of the Tickle 2s at home so for us a stash of both works perfectly.


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