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Going on Holiday with Cloth Nappies

Many parents have concerns about the practicalities of taking cloth nappies on holiday. It is perfectly do-able, but does need a bit of forward planning.

Going on holiday with a baby seems to increase your packing ten fold, and with all that luggage in the hallway you do wonder how it will all fit in the car!

We've got together some hints and tips to help take some of the stress out of packing for baby's holiday, and still be able to use your favorite cloth nappies.

Top Tips:

*Firstly, be prepared. Before you go away, find out what the washing, and just as important, the drying facilities are like where you are staying.

* Don't forget your Wet bag. Tickle Tots wet bag is designed to hold 4-5 wet nappies, so is great for a full day out. You could also use it in place of a nappy bucket to save on space, particularly if it is just a weekend away.

* Take washing powder with you. Many holiday homes only leave a couple of spare washing tablets, and if your baby suffers from sensitive skin it is best to stick with the brand that doesn't cause a reaction.

* Using cloth nappies doesn't have to be all or nothing. This is just as relevant at home, but if you have very limited space in your bag then using the odd disposable may just make your trip away a bit more m

anageable. Biodegradable disposables would be a good choice, and don't forget Tickle Tots nappies are some of the slimmest on the market, making them much easier for packing!

* Leave the buggy at home! If you take a fabric carrier instead you will save

a lot of space. They are great if you will be using public transport or visiting places with a difficult terrain.

* If you are spending a lot of time at the beach, then reusable swim nappies are a good choice. Just rinse them out each evening to reuse the next day. That way you will be using fewer nappies and doing fewer washes.

*And remember the Tickle Tots wet bags make great swim bags too and perfect for keeping sand out!

The day before you go away try to wash and dry all your dirty nappies so that you are taking fewer dirty nappies with you, or leaving dirty nappies for when you get home.

Going on holiday with cloth should be no more of a chore than at home. If it looks like it will be, then there is no arm in looking at some biodegradable disposables for the time you are away. The most important thing is to have a fun and relaxing time with your family and do what is right for you!


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