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Tickle Tot 2's Reviews

Interested to find out what the new Tickle Tots 2's are like? Find out what our lovely brand reps have had to say ...

Kerry Laidlaw, mum to Grace:

'When I saw that Tickle Tots were looking for brand representatives I was intrigued. I had seen the name pop up on a few cloth nappy pages recently and the general consensus was very good. Having tried and tested a wide variety of different nappies I decided to find out more. What is it that makes this particular nappy so good?

I decided to focus on their newest product - The Tickle Tots 2. This is a two parter birth to potty nappy consisting of the outer shell and snap in boosters. The double gusset immediately appealed to me. My little girl is a heavy wetter and it doesn't matter how many nappies you've put on or how sure you are that the fit is right - the occasional leak is inevitable. Having used two part systems before I was used to double gusset wraps, but often found that these seemed bulky when placed over a fitted nappy. It was refreshing to see the double gusset as part of the nappy shell, and the pop in boosters allow for great absorbency whilst keeping the nappy slim fitting.

The idea of adding and removing boosters to suit the needs of the baby seemed great. Any issues of drying time appeared to be resolved as the boosters can be dried separately. The nappy is also more economical as the outer shell can be used for two nappy changes (assuming it isn't soiled), meaning that you just need to swap boosters.

I would only enter Grace to be a representative for a product that we really believed in so we decided to apply! As you can see we got it!

*Does it live up to the hype?*

A few days ago our Tickle Tots 2 arrived! It was in the funky Whale design and looked very smart. After a prewash we were ready to go. Tickle Tots nappies are designed to sit lower on the hips than most other nappies, but there is helpful information on their website to assist you to get a good fit. I found that we didn't need this as it was easy to put on and the poppers on the rise helped to get a snug fit around the thighs. The hook and loop fastening was easy to adjust and looked very neat. I was pleased by how trim and modern this appeared - a far cry from some of the "big and bulky" nappies.

We decided to use it with the full boosters as we were going out and about so we planned for Grace to be in it for a while. I was impressed with the suede cloth top over the bamboo fleece designed to keep baby's skin dry. I can imagine that this will have felt very comfortable.

We kept Grace in her nappy for around 2-3 hours, but I suspect the boosters could have lasted a little longer (a small "Code Brown Situation" prevented us from putting this to the test!). We were given a spare booster set so we put the single booster on later in the day as the shell itself had not been soiled. This held up very well and did a lovely job of wicking the moisture away from baby's skin.

Grace seemed really comfortable in this and we have had no leaks so far. The print itself is lovely (although I do have my eye on the "Perfect Puddles" print too!) We love to support small businesses and it's lovely to see this new company making a name for themselves already. We are very proud to be one of their first brand reps and we're addicted already! Genuinely the best nappy we've used (and I'm not being paid to say that!).

Rating: 5/5"

Helen Russell, mum to Evelyn

"As a cloth nappy lover and keen advocate, I was delighted that my daughter, Evelyn, was selected as a brand rep for Tickle Tots. It felt like Christmas waiting to see what product we’d be sent by Tickle Tots to try out first. Two weeks ago, a Tickle Tots 2 nappy in ‘Perfect Puddles’ was delivered. On first look I was very impressed. The pattern was cute, the inserts soft and there was a spare insert set. Each set comes with 2 inserts, which can be used together or separately depending on the size of your baby. The inserts are snapped into the outer wrap. The outer wrap can be used for 2 nappy changes, provided it hasn’t been soiled. The nappy went straight into the washing machine to complete the recommended prewash. On hanging the inserts on the line, I was amazed at how heavy they felt and was keen to find out just how absorbent the nappy would be and how long they would take to dry. The large insert has an open centre to allow air to flow through and speed up drying time. The inserts dried within a day, on the washing line, on a mild September day.

Next was to get the nappy on the bum. The fit is super slim, even with both inserts. The nappy sits slightly lower than others, just on the baby’s hips. Evelyn’s got a very slim waist and chunky thighs but the fit was perfect. There’s plenty of room for adjustment in the Velcro tabs and the rise poppers. The double gusset makes it much easier to get a snug fit around the thighs. I decided to try the nappy with just the large insert first to see how the 4 layers of bamboo held up to Evelyn’s heavy wetting. After a couple of hours, Evelyn’s clothes were feeling a little damp. Although the insert was not saturated, it appeared that wee had leaked through the PUL on the double leg gusset. Unperturbed, I noted that for the next wear, we needed both inserts to deal with Evelyn’s flooding wees.

On the next wear, with both inserts snapped into the nappy, we had the same problem. It seemed as though the inserts couldn’t cope with the flood of wee and the nappy was leaking where it pooled in the double gussets. As is common with bamboo, it can take a couple of washes to reach maximum absorbency so hopefully things would get better over the next few wears. Unfortunately, the problem remained. I watched the brilliant fitting video on the Tickle Tots website to confirm the nappy was fitted properly then sent a message to Tickle Tots to see if they had any ideas to stop the leg gusset leak. Hannah got back to me quickly and suggested that Evelyn’s flood of wee could be running off the fleece liner I was using before the bamboo could absorb it. As the inserts are covered in suede cloth to keep baby’s bottom dry, I had no problem trying the nappy without a fleece liner. Hannah also suggested trying a little lambs fleece liner as the deep pile can help with the initial absorbency.

I tested the nappy, with both boosters and a little lamb fleece liner. After 4 hours on the bum, including time in the car seat, the inserts were saturated but there were no leaks. The outer wrap did not even feel damp, thanks to the PUL bottom on the inserts. I was thoroughly impressed. The second set of inserts were snapped into the wrap, this time with no fleece liner, and the nappy was back on the bum. 3.5 hours later and a very wet nappy was the result. Evelyn’s skin still felt dry to the touch and there had been no leaks at all.

Tickle Tots 2 proved to be a very thirsty but slim fitting nappy. I’m already eyeing up some of the other prints to add to our nappy stash."

Helen also kindly tested them overnight for up and added this over on Instagram:

"nellierus: Evelyn was obviously very comfortable in her @tickle.tots nappy last night, she slept in until 10:30am! The nappy was on for 14 hours, absolutely saturated but Evelyn was nice and dry "

Thank you to both our brand reps and their lovely baby girls Grace and Evelyn for reviewing Tickle Tots 2's


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