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Our top 7 wet bag uses!

We love our wet bags here at Tickle Tots and find they are so much more versatile than to just keep your cloth nappies in! Here are our 7 favorite uses:

1. To hold your dirty reusable nappies. Well the first one is a bit obvious, but our wet bags are generously sized to hold 3-5 dirty nappies in the large compartment, and a handy pocket to keep your clean nappies, wipes and nappy cream. Being a double layer of PUL, you won't get any leaks ( thought we do advise wringing out your nappies if you have been rinsing them) and all smells are kept safely inside

2. CSP. Or to those in the know, cloth sanitary products. Becoming increasingly popular, particularly by mums already using cloth on their babies, and a really good way to further cut down on your use of chemical packed disposable products. Keep your clean cps in the front pocket, and your rinsed out dirties in the main pocket.


3.Wash bag. Great for a weekend away (or longer) to keep all your toiletries and bathroom essentials.

4.Sleepover. If you have little ones ready for a sleepover, your wetbag is a great place to put pyjamas, cuddly toy and spare undies. Keep their toothbrush and toothpaste safely in the front pocket!

5. Swimming. Whether it's a trip to the beach or the swimming pool, take along your wetbag to put in your wet costume, and keep your keys and phone safe, dry and sand free in the front pocket.

6.Eating out. Eating out with little ones takes a bit of organisation, don't forget your wipes, bibs and muslin's to help contain the mess!

7. P.E kit. Great for when little ones have started school, or doing after school sports clubs! Keep their plimsolls in the front pocket, and the rest of their kit in the main pocket, just undo the poppers of the mesh bag when your ready to stick it in the wash.

There we have it, 7 days, 7 wetbag uses! Have you got any to add to the list? We would love to hear from you!


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