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Getting Through The Night Shift

Here at Tickle Tots we know how important it is to get a good nights sleep, for both babies and their parents. Sleep deprivation is probably the hardest part of parenting to deal with, and has huge implications for your health and wellbeing, and babies need plenty of sleep to help with the massive developmental changes they are going through, particularly in their first two years.

Newborns have tiny tummies, resulting in them needing lots of small feeds very regularly, including through the night. They also need their nappy changing more as very often they will poo just before, during, or after their feed. You will probably find that during this newborn phase you will need 20-25 nappies to keep up with the regular changing, and washing every day. AIO's (or pocket nappies) are great for this period, being so easy to use, and you will probably find that you don't need to use a booster until approximately 8-12 weeks of age. The hook and loop tabs make it a quick and easy process for changing- vital for getting babies settled and back to sleep in the middle of the night!

Top tip: it may sound obvious, but make sure you have several nappies prepared for the night shift before going to bed, with the poppers adjusted, booster in if needed, and velcro tabs open. I always think of it like a formula 1 pit stop, have everything prepared, close to hand, well rehearsed and as quick and efficient as possible!

As your baby gets older, and his/her stomach develops and grows, they will (in theory) drop a night feed or two! You will also find that they poo less frequently in the night, so don't actually require as many nappy changes. Up to the age of 6 months when they start to wean your baby will be taking on all its food in liquid form - this liquid all has to go somewhere. It is at this stage we find many parents feel that they have heavy wetting babies, and that most nappies will not last the 10-12 hours expected overnight. At this point it would be worth trying Tickle Tots 2's. With its two bamboo boosters it is extremely absorbent while remaining slim fitting (unlike many two part overnight nappies you should be able to fit it underneath a regular sleep suit without any difficulty). The bamboo suede cloth (not actual suede, but a mixture of synthetic fibre and bamboo) gives a stay dry surface to the boosters, so your baby will remain comfortable and dry.

Top tip: Turn the lights down. If you need to change your baby, try to do it with minimal lighting. Use the dimmer switch if you have one or a bedside lamp. Keep all stimulation to a minimum so your baby recognises that it is bedtime and not play time!

Many parents choose to do a dream feed just before they go to bed - where the baby is not fully woken up but will still nurse, or take a bottle. This can be a good time to do a quick nappy change too if you are finding your baby is a particularly heavy wetter - although a second pair of hands may be necessary! Try and choose bed clothing that is easy to remove so that you don't have to fully undress your baby for her nappy change.

Do do you have any tips to add? We would love to hear from you!


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