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The Story Behind Fill Your Pants

Laura talks about what drove her to start Fill Your Pants. Fill Your Pants began from my spare room back in 2008 after the birth of my daughter. She was born in the USA and it was the American "cloth diaper" market that sparked my interest in reusables. I have always been eco-conscious and knew wholeheartedly I didn't want to use disposable nappies. The market for cloth in the USA was exciting, innovative and thriving, I was instantly addicted!- So when I returned to the UK, I was determined to bring some of that enthusiasm along with me... Fill Your Pants was born! We have grown a bit since then, and there is now a team of 6 of us here at our HQ in Leicestershire. We process all of our customer orders in-house, which has always been important to us so that we can provide the very best customer experience possible. We even have a showroom within the premises, so that local parents can come and visit us for a nappy consultation, or just to top up on new fluff! We stock a wide range of reusable nappies and accessories, and everything that we sell we do so because we love it. Tickle Tots is no exception. When we first got our hands on one, the quality was clear. They just feel luxurious, and the customers in our showroom as usually drawn to it for that reason. The nappy wet bags are probably the favourite one that we stock (if you have ever held one then you will know why!), and the changing mats have proven to be very popular with FYP customers. This year will see some big changes here at FYP, with some new and returning brands, a refreshed website coming very soon...and the re-introduction of something big! #watchthisspace We are of course looking forward to our continued and growing relationship with Tickle Tots, and working with all of the brands lovely new things! Head over to their website and take a look. -

The Fill Your Pants Team


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