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Top Tips For Washing Cloth Nappies

With many of you tackling those washing piles on a weekly basis including your cloth nappies we thought it would be great to share some of our top tips on how to wash and care for your cloth nappies.

After you have removed a wet or dirty nappy fold close the Velcro laundry tabs. This stops the nappies from sticking together in the wash and damaging the bamboo lining and inserts.

When you are ready to do a wash we recommend using a non-biological washing powder. If your nappies are particularly dirty run a cool prewash first, and then wash at 40degrees. It is unnecessary to wash at a higher temperature to clean your nappies, and this can cause premature degradation of the PUL waterproof layer. Use the recommended quantity of detergent as too much can cause a build up on the nappy.

For Tickle Tots 2's the boosters can be popped out of the wrap and tumble or line dried (again, use the lowest tumble dryers setting). The wrap is best line dried and shouldn't take long to dry, and this will prolong its life. Peg the main booster so there is maximum air flow through it to speed drying time further.


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