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Yes Bebe - 'Our perspective has been forever changed by our little one'

Retailer spot light we are featuring Charlotte Kong and her company Yes Bebe

Charlotte tells us a little about her business and how it got started.

We started from our home as a husband and wife team when our first daughter was just 11 months old and our lives changed forever. Before, in all honesty we didn't buy organic and beyond the normal recycling we didn't make much of an effort to care about the environment. Our perspective has been forever changed by our little one, the need for worrying about the quality of what we wear on our skin and put in our mouths, as well as the environmental impact of it all, has taken a forefront in our minds. That is why we have started this little shop and we hope that you feel as passionately about it as we do.

We started off by selling organic clothing and reusable nappies. This quickly expanded into wooden, sustainably and responsibly sourced toys. We started subscription services for wooden figures by Holztiger, Lanka Kade and Ostheimer in 2016, which have proved immensely popular. Since those times we have branched into home, including reusable bottles, plastic-free toiletries, and reusable bags. We try to promote the end of plastic pollution.

We are now a team of eight hard-working mums and dads working from a warehouse not far from our home. All of us are dedicated to living environmentally friendly lives and passionately dedicated to the cause. We all share a love of nurturing children; both in play and education.

We also run a number of Facebook groups, both as general and as support groups for parents.

Thanks you for sharing your businesses journey Charlotte, heres to a brilliant 2019.

If you are not familiar with the Yes Bebe website please do head on over and take a look t all their beautiful items, the website link is here.


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