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Mother of six, child minder and business owner! How does she do it?

I’m Nicola and I own and run ‘Little Twidlets Cloth Nappies’, as well as being a full time childminder and a busy mummy to six beautiful, but slightly wild, children who I call my ‘Little Twidlets’

I started using cloth nappies on my own little ones and think they are absolutely fantastic for so many reasons. I enjoyed sharing what I knew with friends and family and helping them start their own cloth nappy journey. This inspired me to launch my website where I only sell cloth nappies because this is what I know and love.

My little ones try all the products I sell first and we test each one to its limits. Therefore, I have built up an excellent understanding of the different styles, materials and how to care for them and can recommend, troubleshoot or give honest, personal advice if needed.

Tickle Tots nappies were one of the very first nappies I stocked. I absolutely love them and because I have used them on not one but three of my own children, I can genuinely say they are a really lovely nappy that works extremely well. I also live in the same beautiful part of Shropshire that Tickle Tots do and love that we stock such a local brand among our other products.

I have quite a few exciting things planned for this year which will definitely keep me even more busy than I already am, Little Twidlets is a small but growing business and I absolutely love it.


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